A perfect smiles starts with straight teeth

A perfect smiles starts with straight teeth

October 22, 2020

A perfect smile always starts with straight teeth. Your smile is the window to your soul and it speaks volume about you to the world. Crooked and uneven teeth are a very common complaint from most adults.

Having crooked teeth can impact your smile and how happy you are with your physical appearance. However, crooked teeth can also cause jaw issues, breathing issues as well as other oral problems in the long run. Luckily there are several treatments that can help. Read below to see if you are in need of any treatments to get your smile looking its best!

Available treatments for your perfect smile

  • No treatment – If your misaligned teeth aren’t causing any harm you may choose to not treat them at all. This is completely valid and there is nothing wrong with having slight imperfections in your smile. Being unique is a good thing!
  • Prosthetic treatment – In some cases if the issue is just one tooth or a couple of teeth that are slightly misaligned, it is possible to disguise the fact that teeth aren’t completely straight. We can do this with prosthetic treatment such as veneers, crowns or bonding. These treatments involve placing porcelain or composite on top of or around your teeth in order to change their appearance and colour. Sometimes, this is not a very conservative option but in some cases this works very well.
  • Braces – Braces are a common technique used to move teeth. Bracket and wire orthodontics involves bonding brackets onto teeth and using a wire shaped in an ideal “U” shape to gradually move teeth around. Braces work very well and have a long history of working well. Although many patients complain about the appearance of braces the results are undeniable.
  • Invisalign – Invisalign or other clear aligner orthodontic systems work to move your teeth by using clear plastic trays. These trays are often accompanied by composite attachments that are stuck to the teeth for the duration of the treatment. These attachments work to allow the trays to apply different forces on the teeth. Invisalign treatment works very well in most cases and gives results that are comparable to braces. Invisalign has the added advantages of allowing you to floss and clean your teeth better than braces, since the trays are removable. Although not “invisible,” Invisalign treatment provides a more visually appealing treatment option when compared to traditional bracket and wire orthodontics.

Make sure you contact our clinic should you have any questions about getting your smile looking its best. Our staff is here to answer any questions and our dentists are here to help with your smile!

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