Are You Looking for Teeth Whitening Treatments? Entrust Your Teeth to a Dental Professional

Are You Looking for Teeth Whitening Treatments? Entrust Your Teeth to a Dental Professional

July 2, 2021

Have your teeth discolored naturally, making it appear like you don’t maintain proper oral hygiene? Your teeth may have discolored due to various reasons, including foods and beverages, tobacco use, age, trauma, and medications. If you are looking to whiten your teeth, you can find various options available from drugstores, salons, and dentists. You may think you must cut down on costs and try to find affordable teeth whitening treatments around you from drugstores or salons.

Walking through the aisle of any drugstore, you will likely notice thousands of products claiming they are the best teeth whitening treatments available at affordable prices. Making inquiries with salons will also bring similar responses stating they can whiten your teeth in a day without causing any problems. However, are you aware staff at salons are not qualified dental professionals, and products in drugstores are manufactured without considering why teeth have discolored and the extent of the discoloration affecting you.

If you want to get teeth whitening in Calgary, the optimal option for you is to visit a qualified dentist providing customized teeth whitening in the region specifically for you. Teeth whitening is not similar to purchasing over-the-counter painkillers because your mouth needs an evaluation from a dentist before proceeding with the treatment. Have we created confusion in your mind about why you need an examination before getting teeth whitening? Learn more by reading further.

What Does Teeth Whitening Involve?

The dentist in South Calgary uses concentrated hydrogen peroxide for teeth whitening. The concentration of the whitening ingredient is as high as 35 to 43 percent. Unfortunately, if used by an inexperienced individual, hydrogen peroxide can create more harm in your mouth than any good.

The dental clinic in Calgary evaluates your mouth and teeth to determine whether you are suitable for teeth whitening. The dentists look for signs of tooth decay and gum disease to ensure you are free from these infections. If the whitening ingredient is applied to infected teeth or gums, you will likely experience sensitivity and need more treatments from dentists to recover from the whitening.

Over-the-counter products promise more than they can deliver. The only guarantee from store-bought products is their lower prices and disappointment, which accompanies them because you will likely frustrate yourself using them and noticing your teeth haven’t changed a single shade after you begin using the product.

Teeth whitening, although increasingly demanded by many people, is not a treatment suitable for everyone. If you have dental restorations like crowns and veneers, the teeth whitening treatment will not change their color. Instead, they continue to retain their shade while your teeth appear different.

What Can You Expect from Professional in Office Treatments?

The dentist in SW Calgary, AB, evaluates your mouth to determine all the above before confirming you as a suitable candidate for teeth whitening. Before beginning the whitening procedure, you will receive a dental cleaning to remove any plaque and tartar deposits on your teeth and below the gum line. Next, dentists ensure they protect your gums and other soft tissues in the mouth using cheek protectors before they apply the hydrogen peroxide solution to your teeth and begin activating it with light to accelerate the process. You remain in the dentist’s chair for about an hour, during which you must endure four applications of hydrogen peroxide with light. At the end of the hour, you can witness your teeth changing color by three to eight shades out of 16. The results from professional teeth whitening provided by dentists are instant and remain with you for six months to three years with proper dental hygiene.

If you want to maintain the teeth whitening results longer, you can request at-home teeth whitening trays from the Calgary dentist. If you do so, the dentist creates customized trays specifically for you and delivers them with whitening gel and instructions on how and when to use the trays for optimal results.

When providing in-office teeth whitening treatments, dentists advise you that the treatment is not permanent and depends mainly on your oral hygiene routine to keep looking whiter and brighter. In addition, you receive advice to limit or avoid having pigmented foods and beverages, maintain appropriate oral hygiene, and schedule six-monthly dental visits for exams and cleanings.

Dentists charge you approximately $ 650 or more for teeth whitening, while over-the-counter products are available for less than $ 100, and salons offer the treatment for about half the costs. However, qualified dentists provide personalized teeth whitening specifically for your teeth, making the therapy invaluable for your mouth, teeth, smile, and overall health.

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