Dental Anxiety and You

Dental Anxiety and You

October 22, 2020

Dental anxiety is a real thing. No matter your age, the dentist can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of adults and kids alike.

Your first dentist appointment can feel scary but our dedicated staff at Dental at the Met are here to help you ease into your chair with our top tips to ease dental anxiety!

How to ease dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is a very common emotion amongst many patients. The thought of sitting in a chair makes some people nervous and overwhelmed. For most adults, avoiding dental visits stems from a fear developed from their childhood.

One of the most important tips to avoid dental anxiety with your dentist appointment is to speak with your dentist. Open communication will help with further visits and will set you up for a positive experience.

For those who have suffered with dental anxiety for years we offer a new solution called the DentaCalm™ blanket. We have recently added this blanket to our office and our patients love it!

The weighted blanket eases dental anxiety through DTS (deep touch pressure). When applied during your dental visit, your brain is triggered to release serotonin, the happy chemical.

Serotonin is linked to decreased feelings of anxiety and helps in creating a balance in mood.

Many patients experience a more calm and relaxed atmosphere and feel at ease during their dental visit.

Continued visits

Once you experience the benefit of our weighted blanket further future visits to our clinic will be a pleasant experience. The feelings of anxiety and nerves will subside and regular visits will be enjoyed.

Do you know someone who suffers from fear and anxiety of the dentist? Tell them about the Dentacalm ™ blanket and let them try it out for themselves!

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