What is it?

COVID-19 is the disease/pathogen commonly referred to as the “coronavirus.” This has been declared a global pandemic. 

What is a Pandemic?

It refers to the prevalence of a disease. It does NOT refer to the danger a disease poses or the transmissibility of the disease.

What does this mean?

At Dental at the Met, we have always prided ourselves on putting our patients first and taking care of all our staff members and following the best available advice from our regulating bodies. At present, the Alberta Dental Association and College is recommending that dental clinics stay open but limit treatment to urgent and emergency procedures.

Generally speaking, dental clinics are an environment where infection control is maintained to the highest standards. Ours is no different as we meet or exceed our provincial requirements of infection control. We are also ensuring that contacted surfaces in public areas are wiped down every 30 minutes with a hospital grade disinfectant, in addition to very strict sterilization and disinfection policies within the clinic itself. Thus, even though we feel that our environment can be considered safe, we still wish to limit contact amongst people. Social distancing involves reducing all unnecessary contact between people and is one way in which we can all work to keep our health care system and our populations healthy.

In an effort to promote best practices, we are choosing to restrict our hours of operation down to two days a week until further notice. We will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am – 6 pm for the next two weeks. This will allow us to be open to meet any urgent needs as well as to do other important treatment which shouldn’t be delayed. These hours and days of opening will be fluid depending on the extent of restrictions as well as current best practices. Furthermore, we may limit our clinic hours more extensively or close down entirely for a short period of time. We will be in close contact with our provincial and federal regulating bodies and will try our best to keep you posted.

If you have a scheduled appointment during a day where we will be closing for now (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays or weekends), we will be reaching out to you to reschedule your appointment.

If you come for an appointment, we ask that you not bring anyone with you. Children must of course be accompanied by a parent, but we will limit individuals in each operatory to only the patient and the providers of care. If a child is deemed too young to undergo care without a parent present, we may need to consider referral for additional care.

If you have any symptoms of cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, a recent travel history or if you have been in close contact with an individual who has returned to Canada from travels abroad since March 13th, we ask that you contact us and let us know. We would love to accommodate another time for your appointment.

As a result of these extraordinary circumstances, we will be waiving our cancellation policy. There are no fees for cancelled, missed or rebooked appointments regardless of cause or notice.

If for some reason a clinic wide closure is necessitated, we will have an emergency line available where you will be able to speak to one of our providers. You may still reach us at 403-800-9638 for details if needed. We will also post updates on our social media channels. DentalattheMet on Facebook and @dentalatthemet on Instagram.

From our family to yours, stay safe!