Do All Snoring Appliances Provide the Relief You Need?

Do All Snoring Appliances Provide the Relief You Need?

May 1, 2021

Are you or your bed partner affected by sleep apnea, reducing the quality of sleep you get? Sleep apnea is a sleep-related disorder that causes the muscles at the back of your throat to collapse and interrupt your breathing several times in an hour. The brief interruptions cause you to snore loudly and even wake you up, although you don’t realize it.

Millions of people in America are affected by sleep apnea, requiring them to seek treatment for the condition from various medical specialists. Many people don’t consider sleep apnea a severe issue and prefer looking for snoring appliances from online retailers or drugstores. Unfortunately, sufficient data isn’t available to confirm whether over-the-counter snoring appliances indeed deliver the results they are supposed to or whether the buyer’s merely discarded the products because of the negligible costs associated with them. Therefore if you want to purchase these devices to overcome the problem of sleep apnea, we recommend you contact the dentist in SW Calgary, AB, a dentist specializing in sleep medicine, for a remedy for sleep apnea.

Why Consult a Dentist for Sleep Apnea?

You may think a dentist is merely qualified to look at your teeth and gums and any other soft tissue in your mouth. However, advances in dentistry and innovations have led dentists to collaborate with sleep medicine specialists to pioneer a unique oral appliance providing significant relief from sleep apnea.

The oral appliance designed by dentists is comfortable to wear, portable, and affordable than the standard devices recommended by physicians for patients with sleep apnea.

If millions of people in America suffer from sleep apnea, at least 50 percent or more leave the condition untreated because of the significant costs associated with the diagnosis and recommended treatments for physicians.

People undergoing a diagnosis for sleep apnea must schedule an appointment with their primary healthcare provider who refers them to a sleep medicine specialist who again refers them to a sleep clinic for an overnight study of their condition. If confirmed as positive, sufferers of sleep apnea patients must go back to their healthcare provider in the reverse order making the diagnosis an expensive affair.

Treatments for sleep apnea are not convenient, and patients are recommended bulky devices to wear when sleeping. In addition, the CPAP device, considered the gold standard for treating sleep apnea, is often not adhered to by most patients for the discomfort it causes instead of relieving sleep apnea.

On the other hand, dentists have pioneered unique oral appliances like mouth guards in SW Calgary, helping to keep the lower jaw in a forward position to relieve the effects of sleep apnea. The instruments are affordable than the CPAP devices, comfortable to wear, and easy to carry around when traveling or moving around for any reason. Best of all, the oral appliances are customized explicitly for the patient by dental at the Met, providing them a comfortable device that remains in the mouth when sleeping.

Why Must You Ignore Over-The-Counter and Online Snoring Appliances?

These devices promoted by online retailers are often untested and created under the theory one size fits all. As a result, you can find devices claiming they can prevent snoring for as low as $ 10 fitting into your nose or over your face claiming they provide relief from sleep apnea. Unfortunately, most appliances are not backed by credible evidence to prove they are effective or even provide minor relief from this severe sleep-related disorder. On the contrary, you can find many reviews from people claiming they were disgusted with the products and merely discarded them because the challenges of claiming a refund caused more anxiety than provided any relief.

Things to Consider When Looking for Appliances to Control Snoring

If you want to overcome sleep apnea or help your partner stop snoring, the optimal method for you is to understand the root cause of your snoring problem. Unfortunately, purchasing any over-the-counter appliance available with claims it can alleviate your snoring problem will likely not deliver any results. Instead, you can either consider the time-tested CPAP devices recommended by physicians or contact the dentist in SW Calgary, AB, for advice. Remember, you are not dealing with marketers of any products. Still, you are getting medical professionals who understand how to diagnose your condition and provide the treatment you need to find relief from sleep apnea.

Do not consider sleep apnea a minor problem because the condition can lead to several health complications. Therefore instead of relying on over-the-counter appliances from drugstores or online retailers, contact the dentist near you for an evaluation to receive suitable treatment for sleep apnea.

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