How Can SureSmile® Work Faster Than Invisalign® Treatment?

How Can SureSmile® Work Faster Than Invisalign® Treatment?

June 1, 2022

Invisible orthodontics has become a popular concept in dentistry. Many people globally are familiar with alternative orthodontic treatment that is mindful of their aesthetic appearance. If not, you need to learn about teeth aligners like Invisalign® in Calgary, AB, and understand how a dentist near you can use them to improve your oral health.

What is Invisalign?

It is a brand of invisible teeth aligners in orthodontic dentistry for straightening teeth. Invisalign braces have seen the successful repositioning of many patients’ teeth over the years, providing an aesthetically pleasing orthodontic solution. The aligners feature a transparent and removable plastic-like tray worn over teeth. The tray applies controlled pressure on your teeth for about 6 weeks before you need to replace them.

All you need to start your treatment is to visit a dentist in SW Calgary, AB, for a tailored treatment plan to reposition your teeth. The treatment plan will dictate the longevity of your treatment and the number of clear teeth aligners you need to shift your teeth. A typical orthodontic treatment with Invisalign braces requires between 10 to 32 trays.

What is SureSmile?

Other than Invisalign braces, invisible orthodontics has other alternatives you can choose from, including SureSmile® treatment. These aligners are similar to Invisalign in many ways. For one, they are transparent, providing the desired inconspicuousness that many patients desire. The general design of SureSmile is similar to that of Invisalign. Besides that, the two aligners are removable as long as you wear them for 20+ hours to keep shifting your teeth.

What Makes SureSmile so great?

Dental experts have found that SureSmile treatment has great efficacy. Some of the incredible advantages of these new aligners are:

  1. Works well for both simple and complex straightening issues – SureSmile offers a great alternative so that even complex straightening issues like big gaps between teeth or severe overbites can benefit from the treatment.
  2. Covered by many orthodontic insurance plans – if you are concerned about the cost of your procedure, rest assured that many insurance plans cover the cost of getting SureSmile aligners.
  3. It works faster – invisible orthodontics has been known to straighten teeth quicker than metal braces, usually taking half the time necessary to shift teeth. Besides, the snug fit of SureSmile aligners can help them move teeth very quickly.
  4. Amazing dental plastics – these invisible teeth aligners use a stellar-quality plastic called Essix ACE Plastic, a leader in dentistry.
  5. Digital imaging for customization – SureSmile aligners uses digital images to customize the aligners, accounting for every individual tooth. The personalized treatment plan creates unrivaled comfort when wearing invisible teeth aligners.

How Long Does SureSmile Treatment Take?

Patients ask this question to understand the duration of waiting before their treatment and the length to wear the aligners. When you first visit us at Dental at the Met for orthodontic treatment, it may take between 2 and 4 weeks before you can get your first tray of teeth aligners. The period is necessary to ensure that your clear aligners fit perfectly, having been tailored to the silhouette of your oral cavity. Once you begin your treatment, it should take about 6 to 18 months to shift your teeth. The more complex your orthodontic problem, the longer it will take to complete. However, it will also depend on your consistency and diligence in wearing your aligners every day. For faster results, you should wear your aligners for more than 20hours daily.

Is The SureSmile Painful?

The pain or discomfort that patients experience during orthodontic treatments is due to the changes in pressure, usually caused by adjusting wires. However, if your teeth aligners do not have wires, you may not experience as much pressure as is typical with treatment with metal braces. Anticipate a little discomfort when you get a new tray of aligners as they will have a tighter fit than the previous ones.

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