Before Your Appointment

So that we are all on the same page we will ask you to fill out some forms regarding your health history and patient confidentiality and an optional form about your insurance coverage. All insurance plans are unique, thus this questionnaire will help you and our team to understand the particulars of your plan. If you have x-rays that are less than a year old we may still be able to use them to diagnose, therefore you may request for copies of them to be sent to our clinic to help us avoid taking unnecessary x-rays and to stay within your insurance coverage limits. Our clinic follows the Alberta Dental Association and College fee guide and directly bills to all private and government insurance plans.

Your New Patient Exam

We will take low radiation digital x-rays as clinically necessary to examine the condition of the teeth and supporting structures of your teeth. A panoramic x-ray may be taken to assess the health of your jaw, jaw joints and in some cases, your sinuses, as well. If you have questions or concerns about the x-rays please do not hesitate to ask! We will take intra-oral pictures that will help us educate you about our findings as you will be able to see what we see in your mouth during your check-up! A detailed oral cancer screening and head and neck exam will be done to check for any lumps, bumps or abnormalities. Furthermore the health of your jaw joints, chewing muscles and bite will be assessed. The dentist will then check your teeth for cavities, infections, cracks, leaking restorations, incisal wear, and address your main concerns and goals for your oral health. This exam allows us to come up with a care plan for your teeth and oral health that your dentist will discuss with you in detail.

Your Periodontal Evaluation

Before we start any hygiene treatment, we will do a periodontal evaluation that is an assessment of the gum and bone health around your teeth. Inflammation levels of the gums, gum pockets, bone loss, gum attachment loss, recession, mobility of the teeth and the amount of tartar build up above and below the gum-line are examined. This assessment allows us to determine the presence or severity gingivitis or periodontitis and come up with a hygiene treatment plan and recommendations on the frequency of your dental cleanings. Think of it this way, would you build a beautiful house on a weak foundation? This is one way to understand the importance of knowing the condition of the supporting structures of your teeth and how to maintain optimal oral health!

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Medical History

Medical History Form
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Periodontal Therapy Post-Operative Instructions

Periodontal Therapy Post-Operative Instructions (pdf 50KB)

Oral Surgery Post-Operative Instructions

Oral Surgery Post-Operative Instructions (pdf 56KB)

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