Prosthodontics Treatment: A Rundown

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Prosthodontics Treatment: A Rundown

January 1, 2021

Also known as dental prosthesis or prosthetic dentistry, prosthodontics treatment employs innovative solutions to your dental needs. The dentistry branch involves diagnosis, treatment, planning, rehabilitation, and preservation of oral tasks, look, physical ease, and patients’ well-being regarding clinical conditions on missing or bad teeth.

Who Is a Prosthodontist?

They are dental specialists trained to deal with the restoration of teeth or jaw structures.

A prosthodontist will aid in developing and implanting biocompatible structures in cases of missing and diseased teeth. They partake in an additional specialization of three years after completing dental school.




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Prosthodontics Is An Extensive Area Divided Into:

Fixed prosthodontics – This is the cementing of bridges or crowns onto teeth or implants. Bridges replace missing teeth. They are made up of false teeth called pontics secured firmly on the rest of the teeth, which should be strong and healthy.

Crowns cover the teeth – They are restorations that provide more tenacity while improving their appearance. Closely matched porcelain, gold, and glass are used as the material.

Maxillofacial prosthodontics – It deals with the reintegration of congenital disabilities such as cleft palate.

Dental Implants – Substitute the roots of the teeth with artificial structures made of titanium permanently. They are placed on the jaw bone to act as an anchor for replacement teeth.

Removable Prosthodontics – Deal in dentures that the patient can take off. They fulfill the need to replace missing teeth for patients who have lost their teeth. Comfortability and a pleasing look and feel is their primary aim. Some materials include plastic and porcelain. There are two types:

  • Complete dentures – They are designed for edentulous patients. They serve individuals who have lost all their teeth to trauma or poor oral hygiene.
  • Partial dentures – These are made for people who have lost some of their teeth, for example, along one jaw.

Which Conditions and Diseases Do Prosthodontics Trade-In?

  • Realignment of teeth for Occlusal trauma. A cosmetic intervention to straighten teeth after excessive force damages them. Trauma can cause pain and sensitivity, which makes chewing difficult. Additionally, misalignment can be corrected to enhance the appearance.
  • Helping a patient with rehabilitation in the case of lost abilities to chew or talk after losing teeth.
  • Intervention on problems resulting from the skull’s jaw joints at the end of the ear or temporomandibular joint disorder – This disorder is characterized by pain and limited movement, and unpleasant sounds from the joints. Although it is not fatal, it can harm the quality of life as symptoms offer a challenge.
  • They provide advice on appropriate care of teeth implants and continuation or oral hygiene as a preventive measure from more damage.
  • Replacement of decayed, broken or, lost teeth
  • Management of damage caused by Bruxism – Bruxism is the excessive grinding or jaw clenching, which is not part of talking or chewing.
  • Preparation of the suitable material for injured teeth in terms of biocompatibility
  • Management of the progressive decomposition of the jaw bone caused by medication. Moreso from cancer treatment or dental surgery.

Other services prosthodontists offer are cosmetic dental treatments such as:

  • Dental veneers- shells that are made in your preference to fit carved natural teeth
  • Dental bonding
  • Dental implants
  • Gingival contouring, which is of the gums to expose the crown further
  • Ceramic or metal dental crowns and caps
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Prosthodontics Treatment in SW, Calgary

Taking care of teeth is an activity most patients do diligently. Unfortunately, accidents such as broken teeth from getting struck are a possibility. This warrants a visit to a physician, much like the prosthodontics in SW, Calgary.

When it comes to getting top-notch dental care, it is crucial to know which specialist is best suited for a particular function. The complexity of every dental condition varies. It could range from a minor to an all in treatment. Therefore, it is essential to note when to seek your primary care dentist or prosthodontics near you.

A general dentist handles routine dental care and minor procedures such as teeth bleaching. Prosthodontic treatment deals with complex conditions in an ongoing process of various restorative dental treatments.

Consulting the Prosthodontics in SW, Calgary, AB ensures you have optimized care that meets your exact needs.

Are you looking for a Calgary prosthodontic near you? Contact our team at Dental at the Met. We are committed to providing comprehensive care to our patients and services that guarantee longevity.

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