Restoring Both Beauty and Functionality: The Power of Dental Crowns

Restoring Both Beauty and Functionality: The Power of Dental Crowns

October 6, 2023

Our teeth are both functional tools and aesthetic assets. While they help us chew food and articulate speech, they also play a pivotal role in our appearance. When damage or decay threatens both these roles, dental crowns come into the picture as saviors. As residents of Calgary, we understand the versatility of dental crowns in Calgary, AB, can empower you to make the best decisions about your oral health.

Different Kinds of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are like protective caps for our teeth. Depending on the specific requirements, crowns can be made from various materials:

Porcelain Crowns: To look like real teeth., the goal is to imitate their transparent quality. These crowns are perfect for front teeth. Their aesthetic appeal is unparalleled.

Metal Crowns: Gold or other metal alloys can make exceptionally strong crowns. They are durable and great for back teeth that undergo tremendous chewing pressure.

Porcelain-fused-to-metal Crowns (PFM): Combining the two mentioned earlier makes these crowns attractive and sturdy. However, the metal under the crown’s porcelain cap can sometimes show as a dark line.

Ceramic Crowns: These are perfect for people with metal allergies. They provide a natural color match better than any other crown type and are typically used for front teeth.

Resin Crowns: Although more affordable, they wear down over time and are more prone to fractures.

Each type of crown has its advantages, and the best choice often depends on the specific need of the tooth in question.

When should Dental Crowns be Considered?

Dental crowns serve a myriad of purposes:

Restoration After a Large Filling: When there’s little tooth left, crowns can hold the tooth together, offering protection against further decay or damage.

Protection for Weak Teeth: Weak Teeth, cracked or severely worn down, can be protected from breaking under the shield of a crown.

Restoration After Root Canal: Teens tend to become brittle after a root canal. Crowns ensure they don’t break.

Dental Bridges: Crowns can be placed on either side of a missing tooth to hold a dental bridge in place.

Cosmetic Enhancement: Discolored or misshapen teeth can be covered using dental crowns to enhance aesthetic appeal.

Dental Implants: To ensure a successful dental implant procedure, it is important to follow specific steps. These steps are necessary to place crowns on the implant, resulting in a functional and aesthetically pleasing tooth structure.

Deciding to get a dental crown depends on the individual’s dental condition and aesthetic preference.

At Dental at the Met, our primary concern is ensuring our patients in Calgary get only the best. Our dentist, SW Calgary, is adept at assessing your needs and recommending the best type of dental crown for your situation. Our commitment goes beyond just providing the treatment; we believe in ensuring our patients are well-informed and comfortable with the choices they make about their dental health.


Dental crowns are more than just protective covers for damaged teeth. They are a testament to the advancements in dental technology, allowing individuals to enjoy the benefits of a functional and appealing set of teeth. Whether it’s to improve the aesthetics of your smile or restore a damaged tooth to its former glory, dental crowns provide an effective solution. Always consult with professionals, and you can search for a dentist near me, like a trusted dentist in Calgary, AB, to ensure you make the right oral health choices.

Remember, dental health goes beyond just aesthetics. It’s about functionality, confidence, and overall well-being. Make informed decisions, and prioritize your oral health always!

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