Snoring Appliances

Snoring Appliances in Calgary, Alberta

Are you or a loved one suffering from nightly snoring? Thankfully, sleep-disordered breathing can be treated using oral appliance therapy. Here at Dental at the Met in Calgary, Alberta, we strive to help our patients overcome a wide variety of conditions.

When you visit us for your needs, you have experienced dentists near you who specialize in improving your oral health and hygiene.

By using the latest treatment options combined with years of education and training, our dentists are committed to providing the very best dental care. Don’t let snoring keep you from getting a good night’s sleep. Contact our office today so we can assist you in restoring the quality of your life.

What Are Snoring Appliances?

Similar in appearance to an athlete’s mouth guard, snoring appliances are placed in your mouth when you are ready to go to sleep. When you snore, your airway collapses and results in disrupted breathing. But thanks to the therapeutic mechanics of snoring appliances, you can look forward to having open airways and uninterrupted breathing.

Here at Dental at the Met, we offer the innovative and effective Comfort Nite/Silensor. This revolutionary snoring appliance is designed to ensure that your airway remains open by gently shifting your lower jaw into a forward position. Thus, your ligaments and airway muscles are activated to keep you breathing soundly.

Snoring Appliances Near You

Are you ready to improve your sleep cycle with Comfort Nite/Silensor? When you come in for treatment, our dentists will first make a special mold of your mouth and teeth. This is then sent to a technician who uses the mold to carefully craft your custom snoring appliance.

Because Comfort Nite/Silensor snoring appliances are soft and flexible, you can look forward to feeling comfortable and relaxed when you wear your custom mouthpiece. Not only will your quality of rest improve, but you are likely to have more energy throughout the day.

Don’t go another night without addressing your sleep-disordered breathing. Let our dentists provide you with the care you need to sleep comfortably and soundly. We look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you soon.

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