Top 5 reasons why you’re overdue for a dental visit

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Top 5 reasons why you’re overdue for a dental visit

October 22, 2020

It is estimated that over 70% of adults in North America are overdue for a dental visit by the time they reach 30 years of age. The reasons vary from fear of the dentist, to accessibility and even costs of visits.

However, we have narrowed it to the top 5 reasons why you may be overdue for your dental visit!




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Top 5 reasons why you’re overdue for a dental visit

    • Bad Breath – Do you suffer from constant bad breath? Even though you brush twice a day? Bad breath is the first sign of a serious underlying health issue. We highly recommend seeing your dentist if bad breath persists no matter how many times you brush your teeth.
    • Bleeding gums – Did you know that only 22% of the population floss daily? We hope our patients don’t fit into this statistic but if you do then best to get in for your checkup as soon as possible. Bleeding gums can lead to further periodontal (gum) disease which can lead to tooth decay and even tooth loss.
    • Tooth pain – On average, 77% of children have at least one cavity before they turn 18 years old. Adults can also suffer from cavities and even worse, constant tooth pain which can be linked to underlying dental decay or an abscess.
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  • Swollen gums – This is also a sign of gingivitis , another form of periodontal (gum) disease, which can show up as swollen or puffy gums. Swollen gums can be painless until well into the advanced stages and is the primary cause of tooth loss in North American adults.
  • Stained teeth – So you’re a java lover? Although coffee is high in antioxidants it can lead to stained or yellow teeth. Of course, teeth whitening can help in getting your white smile back but if you haven’t been to a dentist for regular checkups and you drink coffee then it’s probably time you book an appointment!

In a nutshell, seeing your dental team shouldn’t be a chore. We encourage everyone, no matter your age to make sure your oral health takes top priority in your life. We are here to make sure that you want to visit the dentist and have a wonderful experience. Call us today and get your teeth checked at our beautiful beltline Calgary clinic!

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