What Is the Best Process for Teeth Whitening?

What Is the Best Process for Teeth Whitening?

November 1, 2022

Do you have discoloured or stained teeth that make it challenging for you to smile before everyone? You might not know the reasons for discoloration. You might think you must get teeth whitening in Calgary, AB, to bring back the sheen to your smile by using various therapies displayed on supermarket or drugstore shelves. However, do you ever think you must understand the reasons for the discolouration before selecting any over-the-counter teeth whitening remedy available?

Your teeth can darken for various reasons, including frequent consumption of pigmented foods and drinks. Infections and injuries can also stain your teeth besides aging. You might have surface stains comfortably removable by whitening toothpaste over an extended period. Unfortunately, if you have intrinsic stains affecting the dentin, you will not achieve excellent results from whitening toothpaste because they are ineffective against intrinsic stains.

You might consider using whitening trays or strips, thinking they might be effective against intrinsic stains. However, you will probably be disappointed with the products because they don’t contain concentrated bleaching ingredients essential to eliminate intrinsic stains from infections, injuries, or plain enamel erosion. Therefore you find it beneficial to seek teeth whitening near you from a dentist providing the therapy in the dental office or dispensing home remedies to whiten your teeth better than over-the-counter remedies.

Tips for keeping your teeth white

Keeping your teeth white is not a significant challenge if you maintain excellent dental hygiene practices and refrain from having pigmented and acidic foods and beverages with the potential to discolour your teeth and cause enamel erosion. You must also get exams and cleanings every six months to eliminate plaque and tartar deposits constantly forming on your teeth to discolour them.

If you visit your dentist frequently for dental checkups, it helps you avoid infections that aggravate severe conditions if left untreated to cause discoloration. For example, an infection of the dental pulp needing root canal treatments can leave the specific tooth discoloured to impact your smile. Therefore you must remain diligent with your foods and beverages, prevent infections or enamel erosion and support superior oral hygiene to keep your teeth looking brighter.

Age also requires consideration because your teeth are not naturally white but have an off-white shade. With age, your dentin becomes visible through the enamel, making your teeth appear yellow instead of white. There are some factors affecting the whiteness of your teeth that you cannot control, while the others are comfortably manageable. Therefore if you can practice all the above, you can keep the brightness of your teeth longer than expected.

How Long Do Whitening Effects Last?

If you visit the dentist near me to get your teeth whitened, the professional works to remove surface and internal stains from your teeth using concentrated bleaching ingredients to provide excellent whitening effects within 90 minutes. However, you become eligible for the therapy if you don’t have any infections affecting your teeth and gums.

Although in-office teeth whitening treatments from the dentist are expensive and will likely cost approximately $ 650 for the therapy, you can expect results improving the colour of your teeth by three to eight shades during your appointment. If you are not satisfied with the effects, the dentist might suggest using at-home trays, which they provide after taking your mouth impressions, to custom create trays for you. You also receive whitening gel and instructions on when and how to use them to maintain the results you achieved at the dental office.

How Long Do the Results of Whitening Treatments Last?

The results of whitening treatments from dentists last from six months to three years. However, they depend on the care you provide to your teeth and the caution you exercise with foods such as dark sauces, pasta sauces, berries, and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, et cetera discolour your teeth faster. You must also avoid carbonated drinks like soda and the so-called healthy citrus juices responsible for enamel erosion.

Besides the above, you must maintain excellent oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste, flossing once regardless of the time of the day and visiting your dentist for six monthly oral prophylaxis. The care you take helps maintain the whitening effects longer but eventually requires you to have repeat treatments from the dentist at some time.

Dental at the Met provides teeth whitening treatments advising patients on the reasons why their teeth discolour and how they can limit it as best possible. If you must have your teeth whitened, we suggest arranging an appointment with this practice to learn how to retain your teeth whitening results longer to protect your teeth and smile.

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