Dental Tips for a healthy Halloween

Dental Tips for a healthy Halloween

October 22, 2020

It’s finally October which means Halloween is just around the corner. Get your kids to enjoy their treats this year with our top dental tips for a healthy Halloween.

Most kids remember Halloween as a time of excitement and glee where you can become anything or anyone. Dressing up all while getting free candy is a dream come true for many kids (and some adults alike). However, overindulgence can lead to many dental problems. We recommend taking some steps and creating better habits for your kids to prevent future dental problems.

Is a healthy Halloween possible?

Although we cannot keep watch of our kids 24/7, there are simple habits you can start implementing early on to develop healthier habits. Kids are wonderful at mimicking behaviours so lead by example. Show your kids that making better choices will impact not just their dental health but their overall health as well.

5 Dental Tips for a healthy Halloween

Start by communicating with your kids and setting expectations so that you both have a safe and happy Halloween. Follow our top 5 dental tips to keep your kids healthy this Halloween season!

Eat dinner with healthier items before heading out the door so the kids aren’t hungry during their trick or treating fun

Set a time and distance for the evening before heading out the door

Use smaller bags so the kids aren’t bringing home too much candy

Allow for one or two treats for the evening instead of a free for all

Make sure you brush and floss before bed to avoid sugar build up and an increase in cavities

We hope everyone stays safe and enjoys their Halloween! Our dental staff here at Dental at the Met are always here to assist and keep your families teeth healthy for the long haul. We look forward to seeing you at your next dental checkup!

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