Neuromodulators in Calgary, Alberta

You are probably already familiar with the names of some injectables commonly used to treat wrinkles. These products are classified as neuromodulators and are used worldwide to help with muscle-related issues and, of course, with some aesthetic concerns.

In Alberta, dentists are licensed to inject these products after proper training and vigorous exams. At Dental at the Met, we have received training in injecting the muscles used primarily for grinding and clenching, which are part and parcel of TMD (also known as temporomandibular joint disorder or tension headaches).

If you suffer from headaches, clenching and grinding, or pain from your jaw joints, come see us today for a consultation regarding your pain to discuss what may be the root cause of your jaw pain.

We can also talk about different treatment modalities and teach you how it works and see whether you are a candidate for treatment. Aesthetically, if you want to prevent wrinkles on areas of the face, which are in our scope of practice, we can discuss neuromodulator treatments for these problem areas, as well!

What Is Neuromodulator Treatment?

Neuromodulator treatment is where our dentists use an injectable medication to help relax and soften your skin. This dermal filler helps to prevent the muscles in your face from contracting while reducing the tension headaches brought on by TMD.

Things to Consider

When you come in for your initial consultation with our dentists, we will thoroughly examine you and your medical history to ensure that dermal filler therapy is right for you. You should be in good physical health before treatment.

Following treatment, your face may be sore and mild bruising may occur. Ice packs can help reduce these symptoms and keep your discomfort to a minimum. It’s important for you not to rub the areas of your face that were treated, as this can disrupt the positioning of the solution.

If you are ready to experience freedom from your TMD symptoms, call Dental at the Met today. We will be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss neuromodulator treatment.

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