Five Common Dental Emergencies Your Children May Face

Five Common Dental Emergencies Your Children May Face

September 5, 2022

Children are constantly playful, energetic, and keen to explore everything around them. Most children love playing team sports, exploring outdoors, riding bikes, and getting muddy. Unfortunately, the energy in children is an invitation for accidents to occur in their mouths, needing help from the children’s dentist in SW Calgary, AB.

If you believe your child might encounter a broken arm or twist an ankle, you are confining your thoughts merely to the physical health of your child without considering dental emergencies that also occur. This article focuses on the five most common dental emergencies your child can confront to provide information on how to respond to the situation to ensure protection for your child’s oral health.

The Five Common Dental Emergencies Children Encounter


Children complaining about toothaches isn’t uncommon. They may point at their cheeks to indicate something is wrong in their mouths or around the cheeks. In such cases, you must get your child to rinse their mouth with warm water before visually examining their teeth to determine whether something is trapped between them and causing pain. For example, children can have food particles or candy trapped between their teeth because they favour these foods. However, if you don’t notice anything and fail to alleviate your child’s discomfort using cold compresses or ice packs, you help yourself and your child by contacting the child dentist near me for help.

Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Tooth

If your child has injured themselves in their mouth when playing sports or falling when running around, they might suffer a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth. These situations need prompt treatment from an emergency dentist to lower the risk of infections and additional complications.

To help prevent dental emergencies in children, pediatric dentists recommend wearing mouthguards for most contact and team sports. If you haven’t equipped your child with protective devices and receive complaints about a painful tooth, it helps if you contact your child’s pediatric dentist at the earliest because the sooner they receive treatment, the better for them to preserve their primary teeth.

While pediatric dentists restore minor chips and cracks using tooth-coloured fillings, a significant fracture to a tooth might require extraction besides a space maintainer to hold space and ensure the remaining teeth don’t drift towards the vacant gap.

Objects Trapped Between Teeth

Children getting food particles, candy, or alien objects trapped between their teeth is quite common. Unfortunately, children don’t have the motor skills essential to remove objects by brushing or flossing. Assist your child in flossing their teeth to remove any objects trapped between them. Unfortunately, if you are unsuccessful, you must seek help from an emergency dentist to help alleviate your child’s dental pain.

Knocked out Baby Tooth

Young children can have a knocked-out baby tooth when tripping over or during playful activities. In such cases, contact their pediatric dentist immediately and use a cold compress to relieve pain. If you notice bleeding, get your child to rinse their mouth and apply sterile gauze. Rush to the dentist to receive essential treatment without worrying about collecting the knocked out tooth because the chances of it being reimplanted are negligible.

Knocked out Permanent Tooth

A knocked-out permanent tooth is a different matter and requires you to collect and rinse it without scrubbing the roots. Consider using a cold compress on your child’s cheeks to help relieve pain, besides using sterile gauze to reduce bleeding. However, you must reach an emergency dentist as soon as possible to enable them to reinsert the tooth into the child’s tooth socket.

Children’s Dentists Are Here for You in Any Emergency

The emergency dentist in SW Calgary is available to treat children’s dental emergencies whenever they occur. The dental professional has experience in treating children with compassion and is available even on weekends to attend to children’s dental emergencies.

Besides receiving the help, you need to manage your child’s dental emergency, the dental professional also provides tips on how to prevent such occurrences by suggesting protective devices for your child’s mouth and advising that you provide your kid with healthy foods and snacks instead of the regular snacks and candy children favour. The dentist also suggests you supervise children’s dental hygiene routine and get them for six monthly exams and cleanings without exceptions to ensure they don’t encounter any unexpected situations with their dental health.

Dental at the Met provides care for children’s dental emergencies on all days of the week and even on the weekends. If your child confronts a dental crisis of any kind, rest assured help is just around the corner from this practice to contact them as soon as possible.

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